Skull and Shackles: Pathfinder Adventure Path

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Skulls and Shackles

1. Pressganged by Barnabus Harrigan – training and whipping, rat killing, whipping, Sweet bunny and more whipping. OwlBear Fight and crab killing, ship boarding training and whipping.

2. Attack on The Man’s Promise.

3. Man’s Promise

a. Attack by sahuagin

b. Run aground.

c. Zombie island and Rescue from Sahuagin, Cog and Sandara

d. The Taking of the Man’s Promise and the death of Scourge and Plugg

e. The rise of Captain Gorbo and the Lesser Evil

4. Rickety Squibs

a. Ship Refit

b. Attack of the Water Naga

c. Mission: Albrecht and the Lost Ship Emperor of the Seas

d. Attack of the Bees

e. Chelish ship. Captain Pegsworthy

5. Emperor of the Seas

a. Spiders and Ghouls and a Squid

6. Absolomian Ship – Truewind.

7. Bloodcove

a. Met Vance of the Consortium (Slavers or not)

8. Attack on Mwangi village – Counterattack by Velociraptors

9. Sahuagin Ambush

10. Gortus Svard Hobgoblin captain of the Devil’s Parlor. Revenge for Captain Gorbo

11. The Ghost Ship of Whalebone Pilk.

12. The Rock

a. The Agreement to Marry for one year and a day

b. The sahuagin attack.

c. The dual with Captain Royce

d. The Wedding night attack, Isabelle Inkskin Locke

13. Mancatcher cove

a. Isabella’s Ship

b. The Tentacle beast in the Cove

c. The Sahuagin underwater dungeon

d. Skull Flowers

e. Rescue of the Locathah Queen

f. Underwater undead Wight and the demise of Fenns

14. Port Peril

a. The Trial of the Fish giant

b. Hurricane Kings party – Gorbo the Free Captain

i. Cooki the third Cook

c. Meeting with Tessa Truewind

d. Sighting of Caulki from Barnabus’s ship

e. Met free captain Pierrce Jerrell

15. Tessa Truewind – Trade for info of who put the mark of death upon us for information as to why the Chelish navy is encroaching upon the Shackles.

a. Island of Quint. Temple of Stolen Kisses (Calistri)
Offer to help in exchange for the return of a Calistrian idol.

b. Second Lead – Bag Island, Temple of Hidden Name

i. Paid for information about the Wreckers.

ii. Chelish information in exchange for information about the Brine Banshee and what makes her so fast. Seek retired doctor on the Island of Ollo.

c. Wreckers Led by Halforc wizard Varcarla, SE of Rampore island:
Fog, mirror image and flying pirate. Recover Calistri Ship

d. Return to Quint with recovered idol. Bruno has altercation with First Wife.

e. Ollo and the retired doctor. Henellious Finch tells us he can find the Brine Banshee if we can recover a ring from a local pirate that will track a person if you have a part of them already. Amputated leg.

f. Dryad’s Grave is taken to recover the ring. Milksop Morton and his wood golem.

g. Rahadoumi Ship – Liberated Cook Rashmed

h. Brine Banshee

i. Attack by Merfolk

ii. The Jelly fish and the lose of Tengo and Rogald

iii. The return of the Rogald and Fenns in Quint.

iv. Deep sea dive and the attack of the sea monster.
Still to do:
Find the Wheel of the Brine Banshee, Jalezar’s Wheel.
Head to Drench port to find Jamis Keft spy ring.
Return to Bloodcove and face Vance of the Consortium.
Return to the Rock and face the ire of The Window Smythee
The Free Captain Regatta.
Avoid Harigan

Things to Investigate:
Head in a jar from Mancatcher cove. Isabelle Inkskin Locke
Efffects of the Deep Platinum jewelry

Small vial of oil -



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