Skull and Shackles: Pathfinder Adventure Path

Meeting with Tessa Fairwind

Meeting with Tessa Fairwind at the Riptide tavern.

The party arrives at the Tavern in the afternoon feeling very under the weather due to the previous nights festivities, except for the ever sober Br. Jamie.

While waiting the party is approached by another free captain. Captain Pierce Jirelle of the Salty Flagon. A jolly good natured fellow who appreciates our brand of excitement.

Also while waiting, Bruno recognizes Caulki, captain Barnabas’s servant girl, And she is attempting to drug some prospective new crew. Calder spoils her plans with a timely drunken stumble but is recognized and she bolts for the door. Our new captain friend, thinks were starting a bar fight and slugs Captain Gorbo but captain Gorbo ignores this and races after the girl. Tilly points at the door and black tentacles reach out from the door and grabs the girl and several patron nearby. The other patrons accuse Tilly of being a witch and turn aggressive. But brother Jamie seemingly banishes the witch with invisibility and many of the patrons fall to there knees blessing Brother Jamie and become faithful followers. Meanwhile, Bruno runs to the door and drags the girl away. A nice distraction inside, Brother Jamie is tending to the ills of the patrons while outside Bruno and Captain Gorbo are questioning the girl. It seems Captain Barnabas is in port in the main city, and is up to his old tricks again. He has become crazier and more chaotic and has swore vengeance upon us. We know we are not prepared for that sort of fight, we don’t trust Caulki, so we decide to bring her with us. Tilly takes her back to the ship as well as three new followers of brother Jamie.

Eventually Tessa Truewind shows up. We question her about Barnabas and she agrees, we do not want to tangle with him, even though we are fellow free captains, he would be sure to attack us on site and destroy us.

Her proposal is for us to work with her, to find out more about the Chelish excursions into the Shackles and to find information out about their spies. In return, she will tell us who has put out the mark of death upon us and agrees to delay Barnabas in Port so we might set sale before he hears word of us. She tells us to investigate the House of Stolen Kisses on the Island of Quint and Temple of the Hidden name on Bag Island. We iset sail immediately to get ahead of Barnabus.

We spend several days traveling during which some of our crew think its funny to sit Caulki upon the strange throne in the hold. She because crazier by the minute. When we reach the island of Quint it doesnt take long for us to find the House of Stolen Kisses and after some uncomfortable discussion, manage to reach the preistess. She agree to give us information on the Chelish if we agree to help her retrieve a religeous idol that was on a Calistri ship that was sunk by some Wreckers. But we won’t know where until we travel to Bag Island and talk with them.



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