Skull and Shackles: Pathfinder Adventure Path

Quad 20's - The Chelish Infernal Opera

short crew last nigtht – brother jamie, fens, rogald, and calder. we set out in drenchport with two goals – get info from a contact the halflings gave us decode the rope.

halfling contact was a artist who carved whalebones. we commissioned him to carve a statue of the captain. he sent us to find a man called Hayden Pike. We found Pike, sans head, in his hut and determined he was smuggling information through encrypted Chelish Operas. We know this because Fens double 20’d a history check and then brother Jamie double 20’d a perform check.

We went to another contact for the rope. Between the two of them we pieced together that Pike was gathering information about the Dead Man’s Gale (i didn’t write the name of the ship down) – a pirate captain who has some means of navigating the storms of the eye. Then they were relaying that information to the Chelish navy. We also picked up info about a contact in Quent the spys were reporting to.

We took what we learned back to Tessa in Quent. She said to keep following the path, as it was good information but we needed hard evidence to present to the pirate council. We went to that contact and found she had fled quickly, after killing an imp, and we brought more secret messages back to be decoded.

We now had two names of contacts in Hell Harbor. Hell Harbor is a pirate city, but there are Imps flying about and there are connections to the Chellish (although the pirate lord in charge doesn’t like the Chellish). One contact was a Tengu. We went for the tengu fist. As we showed up, someone was trying to assassinate him with poison crossbow bolts (same way pike was killed). We almost managed to get ourselves dead, but saved the Tengu.

So now we’re in Hell Harbor, we have one name to track down Zarkisa Gallenbar, as the contact who has been running the Chelsih Spy ring. Someone is trying to clean up the mess apparently.

We also learned that Kutch’s 1st wife is causing problems on the high seas with us in mind.

I think that’s it, I have something writtten down about port peril and the dark mistress but I think that ended up being Zarkisa. Next time let’s have someone not drinking take notes.



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