Skull and Shackles: Pathfinder Adventure Path

Hurricane King

Bruno wakes after three lovely days of matrimonial bliss. He could really get to enjoy this, it’s something he has wanted, but as wonderful as the Widow Smythee is, she is not the one, and this is not why he had come to the Shackles. “I’ve got to get back to my ship”, He say to both himself and his bed companion. The Lady Smythee “mm-mm” in acknowledgement. She is no stranger to men and their call of the sea and the freedom of a good ship. There is no need for a prolonged goodbye. Bruno rises, dresses and heads to the place he feels most comfortable on this Rock, the kitchen. There he asks the staff to summon Conch the gnome and begins to make the Lady Smythee a fairwell dinner. He talks over a few notes with Conch and gets a list of provisions the Rock will need from port. When he is finished. He asks Conch to deliver his breakfast to the Lady Smythee. A delicious Clam and egg Risotto with lamb liver bacon and hot honeyed wine. One of her favorites.
Bruno heads to docks and boards the ship ______. “Morning Captain Sendara, I need to get to Port Peril with haste.” “Right away Lord Bruno” she says with a sly smirk. Bruno heads straight to the galley to prepare the ships breakfast. For at least the next three days, the sailors with eat well, very well.
Two and Half days later the ship pulls into Port Peril. “You made good time Sendara, but you cost your sailors a last meal.” He says. “That’s alright, they eat much more of your food. They’ll be too fat to climb the rigging.” She replies. “Very well. You have the list of supplies from Conch. May the wind stay with you.” And Bruno departs.
Bruno meets up with the crew and they tell him of their exploits and there fight with some large fish giant and some sort of trial to see if they were worthy to meet the Hurricane King. These pirate ways are strange. Bruno’s simple comment “Did you save any to cook?”
(enough of that)
Bruno returns to the Lesser Evil and as he hears of the exploits for the previous day, Brother Jamie emerges from the hold and immediately says “I didn’t sit on the throne”, which seems a little suspicious.
Then it’s off to the invitation from the hurricane King.
The party takes ferryboats across to his fortress island. Bruno not grasping the seriousness of the meeting immediately heads to the food buffet to taste the fair. But there’s definitely a dangerous under-current that Bruno is not grasping. The Hurricane King gives the party one chance to impress him with their exploits or to die. This blatant threat, from so superior of a foe, shakens Brother Jamie and he is only barely able to convince the Hurricane King of their prowess and worth. Meanwhile Bruno is getting more and more drunk and dissatisfied with the food, so much he has to mention it to the disapproval of the Hurricane King. The Hurricane King accepts the party and our ship become part of the Free Captains. The party resumes, as does Bruno’s complaints. These don’t fall on deaf ears as several of the Kings crew feel the same. It doesn’t take long, after boasts and challenges, that Bruno is shown to the kitchen to prove his worth. With the help of the Kings crew, the head cook and the rest of the staff is pressganged to help. Over the next hour with much drinking and exuberance Bruno prepares a huge seaweed and cod soufflé topped with Ashberry marmalade sauce.

Meanwhile in the great Hall Rosie is putting on a marvelous show with the help of Tilly’s pyrotechnics. And Rogald is in private chambers having the finest night of his young pink life.
Brother Jamie and Captain Gorbo meet Tessa Truefind. A striking redheaded pirate captain who sits on the pirate counsel. She asks Gorbo what is it that we like most about being a Pirate. Freedom is his answer and she approves. She asks him to meet her the next day to discuss a proposal, she may know who put the Death mark on our heads.

Bruno returns with the soufflé and his followers. He moves about the room doling out dollops of his fine creation to the revelers satisfaction. Until he is summoned by the Hurricane King himself. The Hurricane king is very impressed and the orders the execution of his cook and tells Captain Gorbo he is stealing his cook. Bruno forestalls that, and explains that his cook has skills, but cooking on a ship is not the same as cooking on land. If he sends his cook with Bruno for six months, he will return him as one of the finest chefs in all the shackles. The Hurricane King agrees.

The night ends as you would expect, with most of the crew passed out in the Hall and a walk of shame back to the ship, plus one native Mwangi cook Jombo.

The next afternoon with little else to do the crew heads to The Riptide Ale House to await Tessa Fairwind.

To be continued



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