Wormwood NPCs

This is a list of people we’ve encountered on ship so far. When we’ve made diplomacy checks, I’ve tried to note it, but Dave’s not telling us for the most part our standing, we have to use perception and observation to decide if things are working.

Captain Barnabus – his sole instruction has been to not talk with him.
Mr. Plugg – in charge of telling us what to do
Master Scourge – also telling us what to do, may have been responsible for pressganging us
Dwarf with weird nose – affiliated with Plugg/Scourge, we haven’t got a name yet.

Slippery Sill Bane – Wild eyed human, we’ve been warned he’s a murderer (Quinn tipped us off). No interactions.

Phipps Chumlett – Works for Plugg, sent to rough us up, does not like us at all

Conk Shortstone – catches rats, likes rosy, friend of quinn, gambler, drinker

Scrimshaw Jack – worked ropes, idifferent

Sams (?) – positive interaction, eats with us

Sweet Seabunny – quartermaster – in love with brother Jamie, she has returned our items, has the fiddle, wants booze that’s not rum

Longfarthing – ships mage, we have not met the mage, just heard of him (her?)

Wormwood NPCs

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