I will list our character choices here so we can start to design our party..

Try to post two options for now that you are most interested in playing.

Remember the statement. "I am a (best adjective to describe your character) (your characters race) who (your character’s goal.) For example: “I am a brave hobbit who wants to destroy the Ring but really …

Character Creation Guidelines

Little Tom
Right now I’m looking into being a Bloodrager or Brawler. I know I won’t be playing a caster again, or at least a class whose main feature is casting.

Ryan – I think i decided im going to be a female rogue with two cestus’s if that fits ok into the party. More focused on nonlethal damage, and disabling others and knocking them fucking unconcious!
like a boxer – or batman
but more like a boxer

Bruce – I’m pondering a wizard necromancer at this stage. Something about commanding undead pirates appeals to me…

Kutch – My newest creation is a Human brawler. A Ships cook. Supporting Tank role. I have two possibilities. One is my tiefling alchemist traveling salesman. However, he would be in a support role which I am currently playing. My second option is a teenaged reach monk who is trying to find himself. He would play a supporting tank role.

Joe – *new, Tengu character some type of divine/marshal hybrid

Lupes -Sea Witch


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