1: Rest: take an additional 8 hour rest period to recover 1hp per level + 1 point of temp. ability damage.

2: Perform Skilled Work: The PC can make an applicable skill check to earn: goods, influence, magic, labor, or gold pieces. (right now you will probably choose goods or gold pieces)

3: Add spells to a spellbook

4: craft magic/ mundane items

5: gather information: as per the diplomacy skill a PC can use their diplomacy skill to gather information. If the PC uses a full day to do this they can make 3 diplomacy checks. A PC can also spend a point of influence to change this roll.

6: replace animal companion/ familiar

7: recruit crew members: PC makes a DC 20 bluff/ intimidate/ diplomacy check, spend a full day, and can recruit 1d4 +2 new crew members

8: Research: The PC can spend the day using knowledge skills to gather information about a specific topic. A PC can also research a new spell as per the rules in the core rulebook.

9: Scheme for an upcoming adventure: The PCs can use appropriate skills and influence to give them a bonus on expected upcoming skill checks.


Skull and Shackles: Pathfinder Adventure Path DeKutch