Character Creation Guidelines

This information is in addition to the Skull and Shackles Players Guide that can be downloaded for free from Please make sure you grab the guide before you start to work on your character.

SECTION 1: Concept*
This adventure needs CHARACTERS. Not just a combination of statistics and abilities, but characters who will come to life during the story we are about to tell. With that in mind, think about the character you want to build. Remember, we are going to be pirates! Your character should generally be ok with this. Paladins are probably not the best choice! Likewise, 2/3rds of this adventure will probably take place at sea. Think about the character class you are playing and how they will interact with this environment. Your character concept should be the first thing you write down, "I am a (best adjective to describe your character) (your characters race) who (your character’s goal.) For example: “I am a brave hobbit who wants to destroy the Ring but really hates leaving home.”
All races are allowed, but this campaign leans towards some races more than others simply by where it is set. The following list is in order from strongest to least likely for character races in the Shackles.

Humans: humans make a great choice as they are the most common race everywhere in Golarion. Please pay attention to the nationality of your human character, as it will play a rather large part in several aspects of the campaign. If in doubt, simply decide that your character is a native of the Shackles.
Half Elves and Half Orcs: The Shackles are a home to bastards so these two races will do very well in this campaign.
Halflings: A large number of halflings have made the Shackles their home, most of whom are escaped slaves. Halfling characters have a strong presence in the adventure.
Tengu: the bird people are also widely represented in the Shackles. Many seamen consider them good luck to have on a ship.
Gnomes: Gnomes, while rare, fit in nicely with the Shackles as they are out to experience as many things as they can.
Elves and Dwarves: both of these races are not a very common sight in the crews and towns of the Shackles. Any elf or dwarf character should have a good reason for choosing this life style that seems far different from common expectations.
Tieflings and Aaisamars: Extremely rare, but just like elves and dwarves with the right story could make the Shackles their home.
SECTION 3: Ability Scores
We will use the 20 point buy system to create our characters. Click here for more information

SECTION 4: Skills
All of the social skills will be very useful in this campaign. (Diplomacy, bluff, intimidate, and sense motive) Profession: Sailor will also be very helpful, at the start of the campaign as will the climb and swim skills. We will be allowing professions and crafting during this campaign, so don’t ignore those skills as well. Finally, knowledge skills will also play a large part in unraveling the story as we go.

SECTION 5: Starting Gear
Everyone starts with 150 gp to buy their starting gear.

SECTION 6: Hero Points
We will be using hero points as written in the Advanced Players Guide. Click here for more info

SECTION 7: Alignment
All alignments are up for grabs in this campaign, but remember to think about the greater party good as you choose (also known as the “don’t be a jerk rule”) Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral are probably the two most acceptable alignments for the story ahead.

SECTION 8: Faith
The religion of your character is important. Please look closely at the choices available. When in doubt, Besmara

TRAITS: every character gets two traits as per Pathfinder character creation rules. One of these traits MUST be from the Skull and Shackles player’s guide. These traits are used to set up how your character ends up in the first module. The players guide is a free PDF that can be found here –

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Character Creation Guidelines

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