Skull and Shackles: Pathfinder Adventure Path

A Bloody Wedding

Cracking the Lady of Tidewater Rock

      • The captain of the guard challenged Bruno to a duel to the death in order to attempt to prevent Bruno from wedding the Lady of the castle. Despite a powerful blow from the captain’s greatsword, Bruno was able to deliver the knockout punch, but intentionally left him alive. Bruno told the Lady the captain would be dropped off at the next port. However, upon taking his unconscious body to the ship, Fens had other plans for the captain. He never made it to the next port.

      • Lady Smthyee wished to leave Tidewater Rock with the Lesser Evil to arrange her wedding elsewhere since she had been isolated here for far too long. The remaining guards were left to defend the keep.

      • The crew decided X (can’t recall the name) port would be best for hosting the wedding because of its massive size and safe location. After some discussion among the officers, it was decided that a large amount of plunder would be spent in order to throw the Lady a beautiful wedding and an impressive one for all those in attendance.

      • During time in port we believe we figured out why the Sahuagin have been following and attacking the crew of the Lesser Evil. During one of our early encounters with them, one of the creatures had a non-magical necklace of great value on his person, which the party sold soon after finding it. The Sahuagin have been attacking us all this time to in order to retrieve their precious item back. Brother Jaime called on a favor, using his divine magic, of Vance at Bloodcove to help us find and buyback this necklace so we could gift it to the Lady as her wedding present.

      • The night before the wedding was Bruno’s bachelor party, which consisted of the officers of the Lesser Evil getting drunk as they usually do when on shore leave.

      • The Lady of the Rock and the Rear Captain of the Lesser Evil were wed in Besmara’s church by Brother Jaime, with Rogald as the best man, and Gorbo handing off the Lady. Rogald made sure to show off his new greatsword obtained from the captain, defeated by Bruno.

      • In addition to the many hundreds of locals attending the wedding, there was also a familiar captain and friend of Gorbo’s whom we met at Rickity Scribs.

      • During the wedding reception, as Brother Jaime made the rounds, Vance appeared suddenly in front of him, presenting Brother Jaime the necklace he requested. There was a quick exchange between two, indicating Vance would return for a favor another time, and then he vanished. Brother Jaime presented the necklace to Bruno to gift to his wife, which she was thrilled to receive.

      • The reception and after party lasted the rest of the day and into the night. However, by early morning, before dawn, the party was dispersed and sleeping in the most convenient spots they could find. Rogald had found himself two wenches whom he brought to the nearest jolly boat to pass out with. Gorbo, Brother Jaime, Caldor, and Tilly were tangled in one pile on the adjacent pier to the one Rogald’s boat was attached to. Bruno was sleeping with his wife in the inn the officers had rented out for the wedding, with Fens sleeping underneath their bed.

      • A thick fog crept up to the port with a few small boats filled with men following it. The group was able to stir awake upon hearing the sound of rustling out in the water. One boat landed near Rogald and the other on the adjacent pier. A magical blast of energy shattered the roof of the inn above where Bruno slept and a female form dropped into the room. Bruno instantly jumped up to confront the woman, but his blows could not harm her. Fens rolled out from underneath the bed and took Bruno’s wife, who had let out a scream after the explosion, with him out the window. Seeing he had little hope of taking her down on his own, Bruno also escaped out the window, after Fens threw his own fog into the inn, hoping to confuse the woman of their whereabouts.

      • The rest of the officers managed to dispatch the men who landed on shore, although Rogald took quite a beating, barely managing to defeat the three men who surrounded him in his jolly boat.

      • After dispatching the attacking pirates, the party reassembled at the docks, including Bruno, Fens, and the Lady of the Rock. But the woman who had attacked Bruno and the Lady returns. Hovering in the air, she entered into Rogald’s mind, using magic tricks, convincing him to protect her from his fellow officers, especially Captain Gorbo, who she claimed was not kind to her the previous night. Rogald was quick to comply, seeing an opportunity to take Gorbo out.

      • Prior to her arrival, Gorbo had shouted to Brother Jaime, alerting him that Rogald needed healing, so Brother Jaime made his way over, but was knocked into the water by a gust of wind from the female attacker. Tilly sent her alligator to aid Brother Jaime in getting back on the pier, with Rogald also lending a hand. Brother Jaime then quickly sent a wave of healing out to aid the party.

      • Meanwhile, Tilly and Gorbo came up behind Brother Jaime and Rogald, heading towards to the caster who had slowly been descending towards to the pier. Bruno had run with his wife inside the nearest building to hide her, with Fens not far behind.

      • Seeing an opportunity with most of the party lined up, the caster sent a bolt of lightning through their ranks, knocking Rogald out, therefore releasing her hold on him. Reaching the rooftop of the building just in time to see the caster bring down one of his fellow officers, Bruno needed to act swiftly, so he leaped from the roof, his apron billowing in the wind and the moon behind him illuminating his many curves, onto the caster, using his weight to drag her down to the earth.

      • From there, the party was able to surround her, so when she got up and attempted to fly away, numerous blows were inflicted upon her, with the last being a snap from the alligator, tearing off her legs just as she took off. Fens was quite disappointed at the mutilation of such a promising new subject.

      • As the party looked around for anymore attackers, they saw a ship sailing away in the distance, likely the one that brought the attackers here. Even at the speed Tilly could swim in her water elemental form, she wouldn’t be able to catch the ship since it had already reached open waters.

      • Upon examining the woman more closely, they discovered she was a well-known and feared pirate of the Shackles, with her most noticeable features being wooden teeth, acting as a sign of her admiration for the Sahuagin, and a tattooed map on her back. Bruno snatched one of Gorbo’s many knives and carved the skin off her back.

      • The map, which was thought to have been lost forever, since its last copy had not been seen for a long time, was from another famous pirate who buried his treasure in a cove within the small archipelago Mancatcher Cove in the Shackles, hidden so deep that it is said Hell and its creatures guard it. The Lesser Evil now had a new objective: find the treasure. They spent a few more days in port to gather more crew for both the ship and some to station as guards at the Rock to protect the Lady and replace her lost men. The Lesser Evil arrived without incident to the Lady’s home and dropped her there along with the guards and new supplies for the castle, which the Lady had wisely purchased from the coin obtained from selling her many wedding gifts. The Lesser Evil was now ready to hunt for the lost treasure.



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